All for the tourist: colorful theatrical performances in Khiva

    In order to have an interesting time spent and prolong the stay of foreign and local tourists, it is important to organize cultural and educational events. It should be noted that such events are intended not only for high-quality leisure of tourists, but also for the demonstration and promotion of national traditions, culture and art of our country.

Taking this into account, on the initiative of the Department of Tourism Development of the Khorezm Region, a partnership is being implemented with the musical theater of the region to show theatrical scenes in the Tosh Havli, Kunya Ark, Nurullabaya and Ulli Khovli complexes. Based on this program, tourists are shown shows of different genres, concerts and theatrical production “Hon Kabuli”. Currently, employees of the department for the development of tourism in the Khorezm region are developing activities for 2019.