Celebration of Navruz in Khiva

Over the centuries, the ancient holiday of the peoples of the east - Nowruz - is celebrated by Khorezmtsam and is considered one of the most important holidays of our country. It is the holiday of the whole world, the day of the joy of the earth, sky and sun, the awakening and flowering of nature, the day of love and the tremulous birth of any beginning.
            Nature "wakes up" on the day of the vernal equinox, and with each subsequent day recaptures a few minutes in favor of light. The vernal equinox day is the day when winter ends, a new Sun is born and the Earth wakes up.
            Today in the ancient and fairy-tale city of Khiva - in the territory of the state museum-reserve "Ichan-Kalya" a big concert was held devoted to the spring holiday Navruz. The guests of the event were offered an extensive program, including a theatrical performance, performances by the region's masters of art, talented artistic youth. Folk melodies and dances were replaced by songs and dances of folklore of Khorezm and modern variety genre. Samples of the bright original Khorezm culture aroused a special delight of spectators and were accompanied by stormy applause. Not less interest was shown in the speeches of representatives of preschool institutions and schoolchildren.
            The concert was attended by tour operators who highly appreciated the performing skills of artists and talented youth and noted the originality of the Khorezm art. The originality of national costumes, women's jewelry and dance numbers was emphasized