Children's clothing

Little children's clothes are similar in appearance to some of the adult clothes. But children's slippers - children under the age of five have some distinctive features.

The first dressed jacket is called a "shirt". It is sewn without cotton yarn. On the shirt, it is worn on the "gubbe" for heat. "Jubba" is also a cotton cloth, and the base is covered with a thin cotton. When Chakalka comes out of the 40-day "yaxtak", he puts on a "jacket" without touching it with a rag of the same kind. This is a wide range of cuts.

Tut - shirts for five - year - old boys and girls are the same. The bottom of the shoulder is flattened and cut into pieces and tapers to the ends of the neck. They will be evil and will be healed. The fabric is worn on a "yubba" of cotton trousers. The front and back of the clothes were beautifully decorated with various embroidered stones, lilac, black and blue beads, silver embroidery. This cotton-embroidered and beautifully decorated shirt (yubba) was not only frozen, but also with the help of autumn fever and various external forces. The scarves of this age group consist of a dashboard or a high-quality fabric. In addition, they had a hood.