Clothes of Khorezm women

Dresses of Khorezm women were distinguished by traditions, national identity, colors of fabrics and patterns in other provinces. The clothes have preserved traditions, their originality, composition and image of the past. Women's clothing is colorful, diverse and attractive, and the overall complex includes:

- wear a shirt and shirt;

 - wear dresses on the shirt. He was sewn with a thin slice;

 - paranja, chachvon;

- taxya, rumol, lacquer or bas-relief, various bracelets

At the beginning of the 20th century, women from stories about older women confirmed that the clothing set was based on this standard. Women's dresses, described in the XIX - XX centuries, were found in Khorezm, but the difference was that women in rich families were cheaper and more expensive. Thus, when the Khorezm woman put on her dresses in the 19th and 20th centuries, she created a new page in our study of our spiritual and material culture. The traditions of this social life are reflected in some religious ethics, elegance and aesthetic norms, where they live in joy, or in anxiety, or in life.

Odilbek Ibragimov. Khorezm Museum of Applied Art.