Creative evening Ozod Khudzhaniyazov.

November 27, 2017, the new city street life, light and prosperity of Khiva city, 12, Ichan-Kala in music school and research staff Aminov Zafar Ruzmetov Farhada, Bekchanova Zainab, Karimova Dinara organized a creative evening with Ozgur Khodzhaniezov.

 Ancient music, music, singing and sight are closely connected with the history of people. People who create woodworking carpets, such as carpenters, carpenters and those who can create musical instruments, are called "silk".

 They also created musical instruments and musical instruments. Teacher Komiljon Otanizov told his disciples: "A holy cause is not just a sacred power, it is not created by itself, but by the winds of the ocean, which are crushed when they were torn," This is a halo. " When the silence in the heart of the creators of musical instruments is lost, it will be chosen as a volcano and create new music, which is the product of the heart and hands. One of these vulnerable voices is Ozod Khodzhaniyazov. At the beginning of the event, K. Aminov presented the participants of the event with the live O. Khudzhaniyozov. During the night students received answers to their questions and watched musical instruments brought from the master. At the end of the event Z. Bekchanova made a report on the topic "Civilizationspochglari" on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

This lecture also made a great impression on the participants. The head of the school Makhonov Bakhodir Masharipov noted that such events contribute to love for the motherland, respect for generations and a sense of confidence in the great future of our Motherland.