In the education of youth- museums

November 15, 2017 Khiva, researcher of the State Museum-Reserve Ichan-Kala, Mailieva Shahlo - an open lesson on "Wood Carving" in the Khiva Museum of Applied Art.

For centuries, European and Asian countries have developed wood carvings and artistic styles. In Khorezm, wood carving flourished for thousands of years. This fox is widely used in household items and urban architecture. This carpet was used in ancient architecture to decorate doors, gates, columns, various robes and decorators to decorate the table, hinges, boxes, pencil and other objects. Works created by folk artists make them take a great interest in their elegance, complexity and naturalness.

On the same day an open lesson was organized by the researcher of the Ichan-Kala Khiva State Museum-Museum Meilieva Zumrad in the department of marble engraving of the Museum of Applied Art. Marble art is one of the most ancient and unique art forms.

This art, in addition to the talent and desire of man, requires diligence and great patience. In Khorezm, they used marble in the early XIX-XX centuries. In the 15th century, sturgeon was developed and improved in Central Asia. Marble engraving in historical monuments of Khiva is a pleasure for a person. This demonstrates the high level of art of carving on stone. Hivalik marble thread masters: p. Khudaiberganov, X. Rakhimov A. Bekkhonov K. Polvonov and V. An exemplary artistic pearl created by Ruzmetov can serve as an example.

Promotion, presentation and popularization of unique artistic pearls for young people will continue to encourage the younger generation to preserve our historical monuments and boast of their descendants.