«Exhibition "National Dresses"

The exhibition "National Dresses" was organized on September 3-8 in the State Museum Complex "Ichan-Kala" in the city of Khiva. The exhibition showed the opening of the history of clothing, clothing, textiles, culture, national identity, traditions, lifestyle, joyful or disturbing moments in life.

At the same time, the costumes of the Ichon-Kala Museum were displayed, and then the costumes of the masters were shown. During the show, men, grooms, girls and women can see clothes, wedding dresses and clothes for children by age, ethnicity, clothing, styling and other traditions.

Today, when our peoples living in our independent country are restoring national cadres and spirituality, we are in the process of restoring our ancient national costumes and preparing them for the present.

Odilbek Ibragimov. Head of Applied Art Department.