Exposition of "Great dancers of Uzbekistan".
       On September 14-16, within the framework of the festival "Magic of Dance-2018" in the museum-reserve "Ichan-Kala", the museum "History of Music of Khorezm" created an exposition "Great dancers of Uzbekistan".
As you know, in Khorezm one of the first civilizations appeared humanity of 10-12 centuries BC. The region is a paradise for archaeologists, as it has preserved the remains of civilization in the form of ancient fortifications with more than two thousand flight stories. Environments of finds of archaeologists are many wall drawings of ritual dance and statuettes in the form of dancers and masks. One of the halls was a day old settlement of Toprak kala - which was studied by the well-known archeologist SPTolstov - called the "hall with jumping masks".
       Many elements of modern Uzbek dance originated in ancient Khorezm. Uzbek dance is a harmony that is created from facial expressions, movements of hands, feet and body of a dancer. In many dances, the movement shows the unconquerable spirit of the people, their aspirations and dreams.
The exposition presents the life and work of famous Uzbek cultural figures and art.