Feruz is a king and a poet

November 22, 2017 a researcher of the Ichan-Kala State Museum Water Reservoir in Khiva Tashpulatov Dilfuz read the book "Feruz is a  king  and a poet.

  The activities of Muhammad Rakhimkhon Sonia-Feruz in the development of the cultural and socio-political life of Khorezm in the late XIX - early XX centuries. Mohammed Rakhimhan Feruz, the longest in the history of Khorezm Khans, ruled the country for 47 years, fought for the prosperity and independence of the country and tried to prevent internal disputes. In this era the khanate created large buildings. The construction and commissioning of modern postal, telegraph, hospitals, a number of madrassas and mosques have created sufficient conditions for the development of schools, health care and trade. Around the palace, he collected and sponsored more than forty scientists, poets, writers, calligraphers, historians, musicians and translators.

The role of museums in the education of youth in the spirit of patriotism is invaluable. Our outstanding scientists and statesmen in the past have left an impression on young people who have made a great contribution to science and education.