The Ichan-Qala was among the ten most magnificent place in the world

The open-air museum of Khiva - Ichan-Kala was included in the list of the most beautiful castles in the world, which must be visited by There are only 14 castles in this list. Ichan-kala takes 8th place in the rating.

The first place was occupied by the Croatian castle in Dubrovnik, and the second place was taken by the Spanish castle of Avila. The trunk was closed by a French carcass lock.

Today Ichan-Kala turns into the State Historical Archaeological Museum-Reserve. 26 is an exotic symbol of the eastern city in the region. There are about 300 families here, and they are mostly engaged in crafts.

"There are many wonderful places in the world. Any such city can be included in the list. It is necessary to visit these places more closely to get closer to the history and to feel its uniqueness. Finally, few remaining places in the universe will be better than traveling, "the authors of the publication state.

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