Independence of our country

It is well known that the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, I.А.Karimov, began to strengthen the independence of our country, restore the national values ​​that were destroyed during this time - the 2500th anniversary of Khiva, the 1000th anniversary of the Khorezm Mamun Academy, the great commander headed the 800th anniversary of Jalaladin Manguberdi and the celebration 2700th anniversary of the creation of the sacred book of the Avesta in the Khorezm region at the highest level. In connection with this, on January 22, the wife of the First President - Tatyana Akbarova Karimova - visited Khiva and visited the creative works conducted by the First President in Khorezm and visited her. The visit began with the restored Nurullaboy Palace. Then the visit to the Ichan-Kal Museum of Khiva continued. It was here, on the Mustakillik show, where he got acquainted with the work done during the years of independence in Khorezm.