International festival "Lazgi" in Khiva

    This is how the opening of the gates of the Ark Palace, which gave rise to the international festival "Lazgi" in Khiva. It was colorful - the men sing, the gates open and the participating countries begin to pass through them in alphabetical order. Along the way, they are met by various ensembles that sing Uzbek songs and play national instruments. Suddenly, near the famous minaret Kalta-Minar, the guests begin to dance to Uzbek songs.

     This was the beginning. The opening ceremony itself and the first evening of the festival were enchanting. The main post of this evening will be coming soon. You know, I went as part of a press tour from the Ministry of Tourism. This is my first experience in this format. It's cool that I can share a little more about my country with you thanks to events like this. Words cannot express how colorful and beautiful it was live. A stage with a gorgeous view of the minaret in the middle of the pearl of Khorezm, an illuminated building, bright costumes and dances with an interesting idea. I shot a video on my phone and did not believe that I was seeing this holiday of the soul live. I would like each of you to be there! Uzbeks, foreign guests and participants from abroad had happy eyes and legs asked to dance!