International Festival "Magic of Dance" started in Khiva

In Khiva is the international dance festival "Raks Sekhri" ("Magic of Dance").

From July 15 to July 17 in Khiva is the international dance festival "Raks Sekhri" ("Magic of Dance").

Foreign dance groups participate in the festival, as well as dance groups and ensembles from different regions of Uzbekistan. In particular, the teams "Uzbekistan" (Tashkent), "Haykulash" (Karakalpakstan) and "Khorazm raks" (Khorezm region) will demonstrate their skills.

Within the framework of the festival, the Academy of Arts jointly with the association "Uzbekraks" organizes a photo exhibition "History of Dance Art in Uzbekistan". Pass master classes and creative meetings, theatrical performances, performances of puppet theaters, a national costume parade, an art bazaar and a festival of national dishes.

"Everything is just wonderful," says Muyassar Satvaldieva, general director of the Uzbekraks creative association. - In recent years, the dance has passed the stage of formation after the transition to market relations, which made great adjustments in its development. Today, all dance groups work on orders, the portfolio of which is formed by the organizers of the celebrations and entertainers. But at the same time it still reflects many kinds of art.

"Raks Sekhri" demonstrates that we only have to use its potential to demonstrate the centuries-old traditions and customs of our people. It is clear that the dance for tourists is as attractive as architectural and archaeological monuments.

- Participants of international festivals have a tradition to exchange experience, study the repertoire of colleagues. I noticed that our girls easily master the secrets of the dances of other nations. And the Uzbek dance is not given to foreign colleagues from the first time. Therefore, our main goal was to preserve and develop the national dance, to show all its diversity, "says Muyassar Satvaldieva. "And it's great that such an exchange should take place not only at festivals that take place abroad, but also on our Uzbek land, here at such venues - in the center of tourist pilgrimage and with a large number of foreign guests.