Islam Khodja Madrasah (1910) and Islam Khodja Minaret (1910)

It is located next to Islam Khodja minaret. It was built with the money of Isfandiyar Khan's minister Islam Khodja. Masters Bolta Vaisov and Madaminov from the kishlak Madyr decorated it with glazed tiles comprising the pictures made by master Ish-Muhammad Khudayberdiyev. Islam Khodja Madrasah is a special architectural complex reflecting the influence of time and spirit of ethnic craftsmen's creative inspiration. Rather small maze of constructions manages to include a complicated space of the Madrasah with 42 hujras, a large domed hall and a tall minaret. The architect's skills can be seen in the ability to create a contrast combination of architectural forms carefully using the limited area. That is why hujras arch is not prominent, side towers are thin and the yard is small in size. The mikhrab niche of the mosque is decorated with majolica and carved ganch.

Islam Khodja Minaret (1910)

The minaret was built by Islam Khodja, who was Khan's Prime minister. Minaret is a symbol of Khiva, the shape of it ascends to early places-prototypes (Kunya-Urgench XIV) and very narrowed at its. On the minaret, bands of brick masonry are alternated by a band of a glazed pattern. Standing 56.6m. high, the minaret has a base diameter of 9,5m.