Juma Mosque

Juma mosque was one of the most prominent buildings in the Middle Ages. It is distinguished by its original design and size.

This monument is reminiscent of ancient mosques in Khorezm. It has a large 55x46 meter square and has been built very solidly.

It is located on the outskirts of the big street, surrounded by the east and west gates of Ichon Kale. Arabian traveler Al-Maqsudi, who arrived in Khorezm in the X century, first spoke of Khiva's Juma Mosque. However, according to Khiva's long history, the Old Mosque has been demolished, and in 1788 the same mosque was built on the basis of the same plan.

The exterior of the mosque is very simple, its height is 4.5 meters, and the height of the tower is 42 meters. There are 213 columns in the multi-storey flat roof building. The mosque is located on the southern wall of the room. The housewarming housed with a high shelf, and the ceiling was built to the height, as usual. Marble stones on both sides of the gate are engraved letters, one of the letters is the history of the mosque dating back to Hijri date 1203 (1788-89), and the second one is the history of the mosque written in 1666.

It is believed that the mosque was repaired at the end of the eighteenth century. The letter to the southern façade is similar to the carved door. It was said in the years 1788-89 that the mosque was renovated under the leadership of Abdurahman Mextar.