Kamil Khorazmi The museum of Ancient Khorezm

      Kamil Khorezmi’s House Museum is placed in karikhana which was built by himself. Karikhana is located in the western part of Pahlavan Mahmud mausoleum. Official and rich people tried to build eternity houses during their life, where people could pray, and read fragments of the Holy book of Muslims “Karan”. Kamil Khorezmi also was one of them, by his order there was built karikhana which consists of the passage and two rooms for quarter at his grave. Kari- it is a name, whom was given to the man who read by heart the fragments of Holy book “Karan”. Kari provided by karikhana visit here everyday, read Karan surah and oyats for the ghosts of buried men, they devoted retaliations for the buried ones. For this, taking their allotment from the vaqf’s income, they also controlled vaqf’s income. Besides, generations, relatives and any people wishing to visit to the grave of the owner and with making prays they left currencies and things. It was possible to bury just one man or members of one family in Karikhana.

      In Khan’s period Kamil Khorezmi (1825-1899) worked as a director and a secretary. Kamil- was a great poet, instrumentalist, composer and politician, his literary pen-name is Pahlavanniyoz Abdulla’s son.

       Divans which took inside the novels of Kamil Khorazmi were brought to us in form of manuscripts and stone scripts. Divan’s first edition was in 1298 by khijra (1881) It was printed on Khiva’s stone script. The buildings which were situated at the west side of Karikhana were considered to belong to the lands of Khoja Mahram the grandfather of Kamil Khorezmi by mother’s side and to the family of Pahlavinniyaz.

The house where Kamil Khorezmi lived on this yard has been kept till this day and at the present time  it was turned to the private firm “Mirzabashi” by his generation, it  services like the guest house for the tourists.