Khiva is preparing for the Navruz.

Spring ...

 We will not miss the spring break season. Spring is a holiday. Frosty winter days are over, the days begin to warm up, and the daisies in the fields show the spring. New Year, New Day - the holiday of Navruz is widely celebrated in the spring of Sezonov.

Navruz is a national holiday, which has long been a precedent of the ancient spring traditions of the peoples of Central Asia, on the occasion of the celebration of the Blue Buddha and ancient beliefs.

 There are wonderful customs, traditions, songs, legends about Navruz.

We were pleased that the decision of the president of our country Shavkat Mirziyeva to prepare and celebrate Navruz.

From the first days of spring Ichan-Kala was distributed among people, preparing the houses of Zainab Abdullaeva. Sumalak around the big pot filled the guests. The celebration of Navruz was a special program for the Uzbek TV channel, broadcasting throughout the world, where TV presenters were closely connected with the staff of the State Museum-Reserve "Khiva Ichan Kala", Youth Youth and School No. 17 in Tashkent. ,