In Khiva - Refurbished exhibition of ancient Khorezm

Khiva Ichan-Kala Museum of Nature Reserve The "Khorezm" exhibition in Kokhna Ark complex has been replenished and updated with new exhibits on the eve of the 24th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Foreign and local tourists visiting the exhibition are looking at archeological findings from ancient primordial to XVII century - ceramics, ceramics, ceramic tile and pottery, old coins and other unique exhibits. .
In Khorezm, the most ancient traces of human life - the Neolithic period - dates back to the beginning of the IV millennium BC, in which the tribes belonged to the period known as the Caltaminor's culture. Khorezm has been historically and culturally interconnected with ancient Scythians from the Volga - Don basin, the Lower Syr Darya, southern Turkmenistan and the Bukhara Valley.
It is located on the crossroads of the Great Silk Road, one of the economic and cultural centers linking the west and the east. Khorezm's rich and multifaceted history has attracted the attention of foreign and domestic scholars from ancient times.
L.Matrasulov. Head of department "History of ancient Khorezm".