Matriaz Devanbegi madrassah

Muhammad Niyoz, the Minister of Finance of the Khiva Khanate, built a mosque and a madrasah in the center of Khiva in 1871.

The madrasah is located next to Muhammad Amin Khan Madrassah, and its main entrance is west. The medresseal facades are open and landscaped on the roadside. The medress is one storey, with 21 rooms, a lecture hall and a library. There are 19 cells on the first floor and the other two cells are built behind the roof above. Do not be alone or through the hallway. The end of the rectangle, like all madrassas, ended with a bouquet of minarets. Side views are surrounded by backgrounds. The main ornaments were used on the front of the building. Like all madrassas, royal decorations are often used in Islamic embellishments. The entrance door is double-decked, with ornamented ornamented ornamented. The marble stone on the top of the door is in the Arabic text.

There is no limit on learning science.

Knowledge will be blessed.

Scientists are honored among the people.

Knowledge is to know everything.

The composer, the composer Muhammad, contributed.

The knowledgeable one is the home of the two worlds.

The name will not be deleted and will remain in history.

Master Pahlavan Khorazmiy, Ogahi and Navoi. This record is over to Devonie's autograph. You are 1288 Hijri, 1871. Horned by Devon (1817-1914) was completed on the stone.

Matriaz Devanbegi madrassah has been transformed into a restaurant in 1979 - a foodstuff.

The size of the medrese: 36, 45 meters wide, 31 meters, 8 meters. The internal courtyard is 21 meters wide and 17 meters wide.