Muhammad Rakhimkhan Madrassah

It is located to the east of Kunya Ark Citadel. The Khans full name was Sayyid Muhammad Rahim Bakhadur Khan (people called him Madrimkhan II). He wrote poems under the pseudonym Feruz and ordered the madrasah construction which was completed in 1876. Muhammad Rahimkhan Madrasah is one of the biggest in Khiva and the most famous one in the Middle Asia. Construction of a large madrasah with 76 hujras was a logical continuation of Muhammad Rahimkhan's educational activities. The Madrasah consists of two yards with one-storey hujra cells in the inner yard. Further in the yard is a two-storey building with a high portal of the Madrasah main facade. Inside is the main yard with a row of arched hujras. The vestibule consists of eight domed sections in a bent passage, the largest number among madrasahs in the Middle Asia. The Madrasah consists of darskhana, library, winter and summer mosques. Majolica is generously used in tympanums, ornamental stripes and three quarter columns on the facade. The brickwork used is paired terracotta bricks with green stripes.