The museum of history of Khorezm will appear in Uzbekistan

The Academy of Mamun becomes more interesting for the numerous tourists visiting Khiva.  It opens the Museum of History of Khorezm.  It is created by the employees of the Academy, Urgench State University and the management of the Ichan-Kala Museum-Reserve.

  It should be noted that Ichan-Kala and other architectural monuments are the surviving evidence of only a small period of civilization development.  However, the guests have heard about the Khorezm civilization throughout its history. 

Therefore, the exposition was based on archaeological finds, written sources testifying to different epochs of civilization development in the territory of the modern Khorezm region.  At the same time, it is planned to build the exposition in such a way that, telling about the history of the region, it would be possible to acquaint visitors with the most important and brightest moments of the history of the whole of Uzbekistan.