Navruz - the most popular, the most beautiful spring day

2018 On March 12 in the city of Khiva, Ichan-Kala, a scientific library of employees of Bekchanov's museum Z, D Karimova, Karimov was able to the librarian Saidova M were devoted to the celebration of Navruz number 2 of a number of secondary schools in Khiva poetry evening with students.

  The beginning of the New Year, a symbol of love, tolerance, generosity, peace and prosperity, a visit to the national holiday - Navruz - a great pleasure for our hearts. Nowruz is our favorite holiday, which embodies the noble values ​​of our people. That's why we are looking forward to it and will celebrate with great joy and joy. Nowruz is a wonderful holiday that combines Bebacho with our values, sealed as a holiday of good and renewal. In the heart of the beautiful nature, the spring to thank our fellow citizens today, gathered around the dinner kamarbastalik construction work for the fate of the motherland, to clearly understand the appearance of their lives with a sense of satisfaction. Thanks to independence, the national traditions and customs of our people were restored. In particular, kindness, mercy, kindness, creativity embodies the feeling of Navruz, who in the memory of the corresponding opportunity, to congratulate the President of the Republic Mirziev Sh.M. Navruz congratulations of the people of Uzbekistan, 2017, said: "Nowruz is a famous holiday. Humanistic ideas in their essence, regardless of nationality, language and religion, are equally well understood and valuable for all honest people on the planet. Therefore, during the years of Independence Navruz This has become a truly festive holiday for more than 130 nationalities and ethnic groups living in our country. " The celebration of Navruz is also celebrated in our museum reserve. The poetry evening, held at the Museum Library, was held in an interesting question and answer. The students told them about their poems. Students who took part in the evening were awarded honorary titles from the museum administration.