New method School

New Style School is located opposite Islam Hoja Madrasah. The first New Style School in Khiva was opened in 1884 on the initiative Kamil Pahlavan Mirzabashi Khorezmi after he visited Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. His son Muhammad Rasul studied at the School, too. IN 1912, a two-storey building for New Style School was erected. The construction was supervised by amateur engineer Matkarim Nigmatillayev. The money for the construction was invested by Yafandiyarkhan’s prime-minister Islam Hoja. The Russian language, History, Geography, and Mathematics were taught there. The building has two stories; it is rectangular in shape elongated from the south to the north. It is made of burn bricks. On the two corners of the front facade it is flanked by well-proportioned corner guldasta towers which decorated in their top parts with monochrome majolica of violet and white colour.