New method School

New method School was built in 1910 by Akbar Islam Hodge. The exhibition opens in a New method School building. Today there are 182 exhibits. The central part contains information on the current activities of the Academy of Khorezm Mamun and about the work done in the field of public education.
The school has two-year training programs. The first teachers of the school are Hussein Kushaev and Komila Borayeva, who received training under the program. The school taught art. He taught native languages, Russian language, geography of history, home services.
May 18, 1990 in the New method School Khorezm Museum of Public Education. The exhibition features 192 exhibits.
 The task of the department is to involve our people, the younger generation in museums, to educate them in the spirit of patriotism, inviting them to know the history of their city, their homeland, which is a descendant of generations.
 The total useful area is 52 square meters. m.
The building was built in 1910.