Nurullaboy Palace

Khiva khans, created several palaces, receptions and sacred places from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries and point to their talents as a generation.

 The palace of Nurullaboy in Khiva is one of the most luxurious, the most attractive, the most refined and perfectly different from other palaces. When the number of buildings in Ichan-Qala increased, and the possibility of building new gardens diminished, Muhammad Rahimkhon I took him to my own Mahmud Tor, Muhammad Tutu, from the west side of the city growing.

When Said Mohammad Torah Khan (1856), he was appointed to build a monument in the vicinity of these houses by Minister Hassanmurad Kushbeg. Bayoniy and Ogahid writes that this building, built on the side of the new buildings in the garden known as the "Nurullaboy", is very beautiful, and looks like the story of Agahi: "Voroshasan and Valo" (beautiful view) According to the calculation, there was 1276 AD 1859 Hijri. At that time, the salon was opened in the summer.

His son Mohammed Rakhimkhon II (1864-1910) after Said Muhammadson asked to sell the garden of the Khiva merchant Nurullai. Nurullabai-khan told him that he would sell the Nurullaboy park, which he had previously held among people. Khan agrees and buys a garden.

Thus, the name "Nurullaboy" will remain. Muhammad Rahimkhon II builds a large palace and a harem for his son Isfandikhan inside the Nurullaboy garden (a place where there is no place for the homeless, the courtyard)