Olloqulikhan Madrassah

The madrasah is located in the space between the tim and the eastern gate Palvan-Darvaza. Its main facade faces the yard of Hojashberdibiy Madrasah. Viewed from above, the madrasah is a rectangle with a four-ayvan two-storey yard and bevelled corners. Several hudjras of the first floor above the vestibule housed the municipal library founded by Olloqulikhan , which provided books for students from all Khiva madrasahs. The library was maintained at the account of income from Caravanserai and Olloqulikhan's tim. While there is nothing particular in the Olloqulikhan  Madrasah architecture, it is quite impressive due to the concentrated it of the main and yard facades. Predominant is Khorezm-type majolica in dark-white and blue colours; pictures in black contours are in tympanums as well as in the frames of the double arcade and three quarter columns of the portal