Ota Murod Qushbegi Mosque

The Ota Murod Qushbegi Mosque (1800) stands to the north from Kunya-Ark. Built into a northward-looking 28.7 meter-long rectangular area. The mosque includes a small portal entrance with a hallway and a minaret above, a shallow offset avian, a six-column regular avian and a winter hall. Ota Murod Qushbegi's son Muhammadrizo (Matriza) built the mosque anew after taking over his father in 1837. The mosque’s summer terrace features a marble plaque dated at 1232 of Hijra, which equals 1816 AD. In 1846 Matriza Kushbegi played a major role in bringing about Muhammad Amin ascension to power. Ota Murod Qushbegi was executed for not being respectful enough of Muhammad Aminkhan.