Photo exhibition "Uzbekistan-Bagri Keng Diyer" opened in Khorezm

The most famous works of modern photo artists of the Republic are presented at the photo exhibition under the motto "Uzbekiston Bagri Keng Diyor", which was opened in the Khorezm Theater Agahiy on April 11.
A lot of photos of famous masters-photographers Vladimir Shlosberg, Abdugani Zhum and Mikhail Levkovich are devoted to a variety of topics. Everyone was impressed by the highest quality of work of photographers who could capture and save the magical moments of life.
Photographic maps reflect the transformations and reforms in our country, the streets and avenues of cities that are being updated every year, the successes of Uzbek sport. The exhibition is divided into three sectors - "The creative power of our people", "Achievements in the world of sports" and "interethnic harmony and tolerance."
The exposition presents more than a hundred works of famous photographers. A considerable part of the exhibition was occupied with the themes of interethnic accord and religious tolerance in our country, where representatives of many nationalities and faiths live.
Very interesting, for example, the work of Vladimir Shlosberg "Orthodox Church" at the Mirabad market of Tashkent, the Catholic church, the moments of worship.
Photo artist Abdugani Juma captures many historical sights of Khiva, Samarkand and other cities, as well as Friday prayers in the mosque.