Qozi Kalon Madrassah - The museum of the History of the Musical art of Khorezm

The exhibition was organized in the Qozi Kalon  Madrasa (1905). At the exhibition on the historical path of Khorezm music, from the most ancient times up to our days, there are 352 exhibits. Madrasah "Qozi Kalon" was built in 1905 by the chief judge of Khiva Khan, Muhammad Salim Oksund, a statesman who pronounced a verdict on issues of religion, family, heritage and crime.

Since 1993, the Museum of Khorezm Music began its work in this madrasah. The museum exposition includes the period from the first century AD to the twenty-first century.

The most interesting exhibits at the exhibition are: a book of Taurus scrolls, a grave, a neighborhood, a cloudy, a whirlwind, a barbecue, a pigeon, fireworks, a cellar. The life and work of teachers of Qozi Kalon Madrassah, Khorezm People's Theater, Khorezm People's Puppet Theater, the life and work of the ensemble and dance ensembles of the Khorezm region, the history of Khorezm, to decorate the exposition in the years of independence glass cabinets for windows. Exhibits that were exhibited at the exposition were presented to the temporary museum fund as part of the research. The necessary exhibits are taken from the museum fund, and the art halls of the museum.


1. Musical culture before Islam.

2. Central Asian musical theaters.

 3. Development of musical culture in Khorezm.

  4. The development of the Khorezmian musical culture in the XIX - XX centuries.

 5. Art exhibitions of Khorezmian national musical instruments

6. For tourists visiting the "Ethnographic enthusiasm of Dostoin", a seasonal free concert for local and foreign tourists is held to provide exemplary museum services.

7. Our museum is equipped with new technical equipment. Tourists who pass through them listen and listen to ancient melodies, songs and cinemas.

  In this section there are 140 exhibits, 81 of them in the main fund and 59 in the auxiliary fund. In the future, it is planned to further expand the permanent exposition "History of Khorezm History" with exhibits. In order to educate the youth in the spirit of love and devotion to their homeland, work is being done to attract the children of pre-school educational institutions, under-age boys and their parents to the exhibition "History of Khorezm Music". For this purpose, open lectures and lectures are provided to organizations, universities, colleges, lyceums and schoolchildren. Meetings are held with veterans of labor, mentors and scientific works.

The construction of the Qozi Kalon madrasah dates back to 1905.

  The total area of ​​the exhibition is 180kv.m.