Qutlug Murod lnoq Madrassah - The Exhibition of the Fine Art of Khorezm (1804 to 1812)

 The Madrasah is located in the eastern part of Ichan-Kala in front of Hojashberdibiy madrasah. It was erected by Allah Kuli Khan's uncle Qutlugh Murad Inaq between 1804 and 1812. According to the legends, Qutlugh Murad Inaq expressed a wish to be buried in the madrasah that he had built. However, he died in Dishan-Kala; it was considered to be a bad sign to bring the deceased into Ichan-Kala through the city gate. That's why the clergy used a clever trick: Ichan-Kala walls at the eastern gate were pulled down to include the madrasah into the Dishan-Kala territory. The body was carried through the gap in the wall and buried in the madrasah entrance part under the floor of the central vestibule room. It was the first completely two-storey madrasah in Khiva comprising 81 hujras. The building is composed along the longitudinal axis with a four-ayvan yard and connected with residential hudjras for students and teachers. There is a well - sardoba - covered with a dome in the yard. Qutlugh Murad Inaq madrasah is the only monument in Khiva where non-glazed relief-stamped terracotta was used. Corner guldasta of the main facade are deco-rated with terracotta tiles with non-recurring pattern - guirikh