To‘rt shabboz bobo

To‘rt shabboz bobo minarets, mosques, madrassah and graves and a large graveyard in complex, in the village of Mevaston in the north-western part of Khiva. The complex is called Four Grandma Grandfather's Tomb in its time. Below we will name them.

Qutbil Awliya - Xasanquli Azizon.

 Qazi Muhammad Azizon. 

Jon Muhammad Azizon.

 Isfandikhan ibn Arab Muhammadhan.

Among them we will tell you about Isfandikhan ibn Arab Muhammadhan: "Arab Muhammad KHan had seven sons: Isfandiyhan, Habash Sultan, Elbars Sultan, Abulgazihon, Sharif Muhammad Sultan, Khorezmshah Sultan  , The Sultan of the Sultan.  Habash and Elbars Sultan's mother were the daughter of Nayman tribal leader.  They were raised in Khiva, the mother of the Sultan Sultan, from the family of Abulhayrkhan.  Isfandiyhan and Abulgazihan were born of a mother.  During this period, there was a violent inter-tribe attack on the Khiva Khanate, not only the Han family, but also a large number of Khan tribes, and the Uzbek and Turkmen continued until the time of Abulgazi.  Arabho's sons took part in this fight directly.  His four sons, Isfandiyar and Abulgöz, on one side, Habash and Elbars on the other hand, went on a free fight.  The cause of this struggle was the invasion of Iran and Bukhara against the path taken by Habash Sultan and Elbars Sulton's father.  Arabon tried to establish peace with these nations. Habash and Elbars Nayman and Uighur, with the support of the leaders of the two tribes, went into an open fight against their father and brothers.  For the first time they were opposed to their father in 1616, Habash Sultan was 16 years old, and Elbars Sultan was 14 years old.  Arabhan gave these sons to the town of Qusayr, and rested a bit, and for five years they did not go against their father.

In the year 6, he went to Khiva with the absence of Elbars Arabhan and returned to his fortress for thirty years in his treasury and the property of the servants of Arabhan.  Isfandiyikhan, son of Arab Mohammedan Khazorasp, accompanied him from Urgench to Abulgozi and Sharif Muhammad, crossing Elbars, and Elbars fled.  Abulgazi advised his father to kill Habash and Elbars.  But his father did not.  One of the heroes of Isfandiyhan knew this and told Abû Bakr.  Habash then became a fierce enemy of Abulgöz.  When Arahon returned to Khiva, Isfandiyahon returned to Hazorasp, and Habash called Elbars to come quickly to the Minister.  Abulgöz was aware of the mystery and went to his father.  Arabhan gives him Kat.  Five months later, Sharon regrets that he did not heed the advice of Abulgozin, and ordered that Isfandiyar and Abulgazihiks come to Khiva.  Sharif Muhammad lived with his mother in Urgench, before his death, and was next to his father.  Arab Mohammedan, Isfandiyar and Abulgozi were on one side and Elbars and Habash were on the other side of the stairs to hit the Stone Gull.  Arab Muhammad was defeated and captured by Elbars and Habash.  Habash Sultan sent his father's eyes to Khiva.