Tosh Darvoza

The Stone courtyard was built by Olokulihan in 1832-1838. Today, the Palace of Tash Hauli is divided into 2 parts, the first part - Haram. This part of the palace in 1987 was founded by the museum "Crafts". The second part - "Arzkhon", which was reconstructed in 2001 after gaining Independence of Uzbekistan, and opened as a museum of "Khorezm mastery". He continues to work to this day.

For today in a court yard there are 591 exhibits, from which 539 - the basic fund, 52 auxiliary funds. A unique exhibit of the museum attracting the attention of foreign visitors and local guests is the cart of the Voithun Khan of Khiva Muhammad Rahimkhon II (Feruz) dating from 1876, with the code KP 1222 and the exposition of Mura Tosh belonging to the 20th century, code KP 4107.

In order to preserve, study and popularize objects of material heritage, at the present time works of Khorezm mastery of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are studied as scientific works, collected literature is studied, and articles in the newspapers Khorezmskaya Pravda and Khiva Tongi are published.

In the future it is planned to preserve objects of material and cultural heritage, to study them more deeply and to collect museum products, the tasks of scientific study of museum exhibits are set. This, in turn, contributes to the enrichment of the museum exposition and attracts foreign and local visitors to the Museum of Craftsmanship.

Date of construction 1830-38 years.

Useful area. 120 sq.m.