Tosh Darvoza (30-40th of the 19th century-1873)

Tash-darvaza-fortress gates, built in the thickness of the Ichan-Kala wall, due to protrusions from its plane from the north of the month of June. The gates represent a six-dimensional volumetric construction of a longitudinal-axial composition symmetrical to the relative axis south-north, along which, overlapping a long section of the road, two cupola compartments are connected by arched apertures with side closed rooms of the largest size (served for customs guard, trade protection). The southern side rooms are connected by walkways with small two-tier round chambers inside the cylindrical towers on the sides of the sidewalk part. In the northern pylons there are two spiral staircases leading to the roof. The facades of Tash-darvaza are impressive with the simplicity and monumentally of forms.

The facades and interiors of the gate of the Tash-darvaza are not decorated, they are left in the texture of the brickwork in the wasteland.

Dimensions; common in the plan - 19,7Х17,0 m: height - 10,0 m: span of the arches of the roadway part - 4.83 m; side rooms - 3,2 х 3,2 m; the total height is 9.3 m.