Abdullakhan madrassas

Built in 1855, this madrasa was built by his mother after the death of AbdullahKhan (1855-1855).  There is a well between the madrasa, roofless madrassas, and it is located in a very simple style dining room and a one-story building adjacent to it. 

Our Master, the book Komildzhon KHudoyberganova "Wood Khiva Khanate" tells the story of Khan in the subject of AbdullahKhan, "AbdullahKhan, a member of the words, and the words Mir Ahmed shed innocent blood of the innocent, He was the crowd, grateful.  But he loved friendship, justice, courage and valor.  He did not have a son, but a daughter, Abdullaziz.  After his death, his mother built a madrasah to save his son's name. "

  Currently, there is an exposition "Museum of Nature" in the madrasah.