Foreigners are about Khiva

Many foreign tourists can visit our cities during these days when they are preparing for the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the independence of our people, the greatest and dearest holiday. Our correspondent in Khorezm region was interested in some of their impressions.
Ode Levallois (France):

- I have the intention to come to Uzbekistan as I have read in the The Huffington Post that when Samarkand was recognized as one of the 50 most populous cities in the world, at least once in a lifetime, '. Since then, I have been interested in the history and modern life of Uzbekistan. This place has drawn me to the ground. I deeply realize how valued your homeland is for your people. Urgench is a very beautiful and modern city. I think Khiva is a fairy-tale town. How many centuries of history have you seen before? I believe that such a holy land and noble people will be great.
Dolores Parramon (Spain):
- During my trip I took part in "Qovunlar Sayl" event in Khiva. We also have melon. But here, as sweet, large and varieties of melon, I have not tasted it yet. During the summer, the melon may be eaten in the sun when it is so hot. I was warmly welcomed to your fertile, serene, sunny Uzbekistan, to your generous and open heart.
Anna Maria Maykutevich (Poland):
- The traveler from Khorezm returns with unique and memorable impressions. Rich in the holy places, historic sites, the great scientists who contributed to world science and development have lived and worked. I read books in Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva. The Ichan-Qala complex, and myths, seemed to blaze in my imagination. It is as if the person walking among these monuments is in the world of fairy tales. The hospitality of your people, national dishes, traditions and customs are amazing. Taking this opportunity, I would like to congratulate the Uzbek people living in paradise on Independence Day.
Ahmadjon Shokirov