Guests from Andijan in Khiva

On November 23-24, within the framework of the program for the development of domestic tourism in the Republic of Uzbekistan, 40 employees of the Avtotekhim enterprise of the Andijan region visited the Ikhon Kala State Museum of Khiva. They were Muzaffar Masharipov, a researcher in the public education department of our organization.

Visitors to Andijan attracted great interest from the historical places of Khorezm, especially in Khiva Town Hall. Thematic excursions were organized by them on the history of ancient Khorezm, the history of Khiva Khanate and Khorezm culture and art. Considerable attention was drawn to the historical monuments and departmental exhibitions of the city of Khiva. In the future, they said they would return to our city with family and friends.